Launchpad (2022, Q1)

YokaiSwap's launchpad will help you discover the early stage crypto projects and allow you to invest early.

Web3 email signup system, through Unipass (2022, Q1)

It would be both secure and convenient to use YokaiSwap once we integrate Unipass. The challenge of keeping your crypto keys would be a thing of the past; if you know how to send emails, you would be able to sign up and manage your keys through Unipass.

Cardano interoperability (2022,Q2)

Utilizing the cross-chain technology of Force bridge, YokaiSwap will enable interoperability with Cardano. The bridge will allow users to use Nervos and Cardano's native currencies ($CKB and $ADA, respectively) interchangeably, as well as create their own tokens (user-defined tokens) across both blockchains. Subsequently, it allows more tokens to be traded and paired on YokaiSwap.

NFT Collectibles (2022, Q3)

We will be launching NFT collectibles that can be purchased with YOK.

Lottery (2022, Q4)

The lottery will be our token burning mechanism. To participate, you will need to put in YOK, and if you win, you will receive a reward from the incentive pool. Thus, the circulations of the token are regulated by burning the token from the lottery entries.

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