YokaiSwap is a next generation interoperable, decentralized trading platform and the first to come from the Nervos network.

This DEX (Decentralized Exchange) will have AMM (Automated Market Maker) protocol integration which will be essential for priced assets to be algorithmically and efficiently swapped for user to smart contract transactions. YokaiSwap will also have Yield Farming and Staking so you can earn passive income after trading. Yokai is actually one of the first projects that received financial backing from inNervation, which is a fund created out of the CMB International and Nervos Network partnership.

What is a Yokai?

If you havenโ€™t heard of this phenomenon you may have experienced it along the way, either in the physical or dream world.

Yokai, pronounced โ€œYoโ€-โ€Kyโ€, is a supernatural creature, to some a spirit or to others a demon. Either Yokai were venerated, worshipped or feared and those of wisdom understood to respect them or bear bad news. In due time we will have the Crypto world realize what YokaiSwap is made of, especially with Nervosโ€™ magic of Force Bridge at our disposal.


๐ŸŒ‰ Bridge Tokens

Thanks to the Universal Passport technology provided by Nervos, YokaiSwap has interoperable capabilities, allowing assets from other ecosystems to enter from the Layer 1 CKBytes platform and later bridged to the Layer 2 Polyjuice EVM solution that allow many assets including CKB to be traded and paired for use in Yokai.

๐Ÿ’ฑ Trade Tokens

As an Automated Market Maker, this exchange will swap tokens with ease and speed due to the Nervos Blockchain. To have enough available assets to be traded on the platform liquidity is provided by users who will be rewarded with our DEX token, known as $YOK. The more liquidity is provided within YokaiSwap, more assets will be available to be traded by the users. Being interoperable also allows tokens such as $ETH, $ADA, $BTC and etc to interact with Nervosโ€™ native currency $CKB interchangeably.

๐Ÿ’ฐ Earn Tokens

YokaiSwap also allows users to yield rewards on their deposited and traded assets via LP (Liquidity Provider) Token Farming and Single-Token Staking either by protocols fees and daily emissions.


Our ultimate goal is to be a stepping-stone to the elimination of Centralized Exchanges as well as be one of the best Multi-Chain Decentralized Exchanges in the crypto space, at the level of or if not better than Uniswap. Nervos will be the guiding light of this mission and we hope to be the torch bearer.

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